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Anger & Stress Management


      Stress kills! It takes its toll on your health, relationships, job effectiveness, and your capacity to be happy. It can cause you to feel overwhelmed emotionally, especially when angered or experiencing loss. Freels Mental Health Group will help you develop an effective Stress Management Plan. You can learn to control anger, or other feelings that interfere with your relationships and success in life. Relaxation exercises, impulse control, and communication are just some of the skills you can develop to manage the stress, anger, and/or grief, which could be destroying your life.

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Anxiety & Mood Disorders


      Persistent worrying and/or depression become overwhelming when we canít manage it properly. Your emotional life seems ďout of control.Ē This can include Panic, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, even Suicidal Thinking. Excessive fears and problems in relationships can also plague people when your feelings seem to turn against you. Freels Mental Health Group can respond to your need to understand this problem, and help you develop the skills to regain control.

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Child and Adolescent Treatment


      Children and teens often have difficulty coping with life. This can be due to personal problems they have, or situations in their lives that seem to get the best of them. Observe their behavior. Listen to them. If they appear sad, angry, get into trouble or fights a lot, canít seem to make friends, then they may need some help. Freels Mental Health Group provides compassionate counseling for children and adolescents who may be having behavior and/or academic problems in school, including Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorders (ADD, ADHD), anger and defiance problems, fighting, anxiety or mood disorders, or substance abuse problems. We help parents develop skills to raise young people who are having such difficulties, as well as help your child develop the skills to cope with whatever limitations they may have.

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Couples and Families


      It seems that there are many forces at work in todayís society that can contribute to the deterioration of loving relationships. These influences come from both inside and outside the home. Families struggle to survive. Communication problems, substance abuse, illness and death, divorce, culture and lifestyle issues, can work to undermine your best efforts to maintain a healthy, happy household. Freels Mental Health Group can help you overcome these problems by providing you the necessary tools to be an effective partner and/or parent in your home. You and your loved ones deserve some happiness.

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Cultural and Lifestyle Issues


      Differences in race, religion, cultural, or lifestyle are often not accepted by people around you. This causes difficulty adjusting to an environment that feels hostile. You need someone who wants to understand, and knows how to help you work these issues out. Freels Mental Health Group has years of experience helping people work out the problems that come from being made to feel like youíre different.

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Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities


      People who are Mentally Retarded or have other Developmental Disabilities may require help living in society, because of their disability or the difficulty of people around them responding to their needs. There is not a known cure for developmental disabilities such as Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Aspergerís Syndrome, or Behavioral and Social Problems that develop as a result of a developmental disorder. Freels Mental Health Group will develop behavioral strategies to address problems that your loved one may have, as well as help you develop skills to assist in their social skills development.

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Sports Counseling


      Athletic talent is a gift. Certain skills help a talented child or adult achieve top performance. Focus and concentration while performing, motivation, team spirit, self-esteem all contribute to reaching your fullest potential in your chosen sport. Freels Mental Health Group can help you reach your potential, as well as help you identify emotional obstacles that may be interfering with your performance.

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Substance Abuse Treatment


      Excessive use of Alcohol and Drugs destroy lives. You can control your use, or learn what you need to do to help a family member who has a substance abuse problem begin to overcome it. Of course, ultimately it is the individualís responsibility to come to grips with the issues that trigger their use. Freels Mental Health Group can help children, adolescents, adults and families identify those triggers, manage them better, overcome their substance abuse problems, and prevent relapse.

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